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Friday, May 06, 2005

Patton connects dots on Annan

Mr. Patton is one of the investigators in the Oil for Food program who resigned, because he believes Volker is being too soft in the investigation. Today I have learned from listening to the Tony Snow Radio Program that Mr. Patton has handed over boxes of information on the investigation to the House International Relations Committee (I think.) It may be a different committee or a subcommittee. Congressman Henry Hyde is the chairman of this committee, so I am hopeful we will be hearing something in a couple of weeks or so.

The person speaking to Tony claimed Kofi Annan outright lied to investigators about his knowledge of his son's involvement with the Oil company he was working for while working at the UN. This is a company his son was supposed to have resigned from to work in the UN. He did not. This company also received several lucrative contracts, and Savon received several kickbacks.

The Committee had asked for Mr. Patton to speak before them. Mr. Volker would not allow that, claiming he had diplomatic immunity. Then, the Committee subpoenaed him. Mr. Patton asked Mr. Volker if he would like to defy an American subpoena? There was no reply. That is when the information in those boxes was released to Congress. Now we may FINALLY get somewhere on the corruption in the UN. Give me John Bolton or give me NYC! I want these bad actors gone.

CORRECTION: Mr. Patton is actually Mr. Robert Parton. Mr. Volker is actually Mr. Volcker. The box, apparently, was given to Sen. Coleman. I do know I heard Congressman Hyde will be chairing the House committee hearings. Hat tip to Victor Camrus at Counter Terrorism.