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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nice change of pace for President Bush

While here at home President Bush faces disappoints after his reelection, it is nothing compared to those felt by our European "friends." What do you know? Everyone now sees President Bush as having the upper hand in the upcoming G-8 Summit in Scotland.
That helps explains why Bush, despite a slip in his approval rating among Americans, may find himself holding the stronger hand when he travels in early July to Scotland for the annual summit of the leaders of the eight major industrialized democracies.

"His counterparts all face ill political winds that make their domestic positions rather precarious," said Charles Kupchan, director of European studies with the Council on Foreign Relations, a private research group. "I do think it puts Bush in an advantageous position."
You don't say?
Analysts see common themes for the leaders' tough times: high unemployment and slow growth in Germany and France; social tensions associated with Muslim immigration; and a backlash against "globalization" as industries move their operations to low-wage countries.
Really? I thought these countries were much more "mature" than we...
He persuaded European powers to negotiate with Iran over Tehran's nuclear ambitions. He watched democratic elections and the formation of a new government in Iraq. He successfully prodded Syria to withdraw from Lebanon.

And he is taking an active role in trying to nudge Israelis and Palestinians toward peace.
So. There it is in a nutshell. President Bush was right, and the rest of the world that did not agree with him was wrong. Don't take my word for it.
France's ambassador to the United States spoke recently of the effect of Bush's winning a second term.

"The moment President Bush was re-elected, he extended the hand of friendship and cooperation to the leaders of Europe," said Jean-David Levitte. "Style has changed."
No. This is not the accurate answer. He has been extending his hand for 4 years. This is first time you saw it.