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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Next pre-war Afghanistan

I was watching the 700 Club this morning, and they were doing a story about Nigeria. Did you know that 12 of the 36 "states" are now under Sharia law? The army has actively participated in the mass murder of Christians in the name of Osama bin Ladin. They have people in jail waiting for stoning, hands chopped off, or lashes. There are already mass graves of Christians.

I have tried to find the article on their website, but I cannot find it. I hate that when there seems to be a very important story, and I cannot obtain a written document. Keep your eyes open this time, please. If you hear any news about Nigeria, please e-mail me.

I know this is happening in the Sudan, but I want to keep abreast of Nigeria and the Congo. If anyone has any links, I sure would appreciate your help. I do let the President and Congress know what I find, if I can document it. Sometimes I will tell them what I have read, but I will let them know I have read it. I don't have any facts. Yes, I am a skeptic! LOL Have a great day.