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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Middle East News-5/12/2005

There are several articles of interest today. Some from Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others. I shall give a brief description with a link. You may reach the article by clicking on the title. Please read the stories that interest you. I believe they are all important, but then again, that's me. :)

Lebanon's Maronite Bishops slam 'unjust' electoral law
Here we find Syria still meddling. The Lebanese are very unhappy with the way the election is being set up. It is too pro-Syria, and it will cause tensions between the Christian and Muslim blocs. They do not want this, because they are doing well among each other.

The bishops' statement said the law was "unjust and didn't allow Christians to properly elect their representatives." It added the law failed to "reflect the Lebanese true will" and called on politicians to "act and prevent the harmful repercussions of this law."
The Maronite Statement in Full
This gives 7 reasons why the 2000 electoral laws are more destrucgtive than helpful. Lebanese do not want to start their new born freedom on a sour note. It is educational, and it is not long.

Top clerics blast Iran regime as vote nears

QOM, Iran: Two of Iran's most senior dissident pro-reform Shiite clerics have hit out at the Islamic regime ahead of next month's presidential election, accusing hard-liners of failing to deliver on revolutionary promises of fundamental freedoms.
This is very interesting and educational. It may give you an insight to what is happening in the Middle East.

Arts and Culture
On Mother's Day, Afghanistan mourns pop singer’s tragic death
Nasrat Parsa was killed in a post-concert attack in Canada. He was 36-year-old. His two brothers were with him and saw the attack. He was a very popular singer from Afghanistan. He was a top recording star, making 10 albums and performing around the world, including in Australia, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Political literature meets Mr. Tickle at Tehran book fair
TEHRAN: Scooby Doo, where are you? If you're at Tehran's book fair and looking for something for the kids, you'll find the stand right next to Islamic Jihad's and around the corner from the stands of Hizbullah and Hamas. Iran's massive annual literary fest has something for everyone: Thomas the Tank Engine, interior decorating, Microsoft Windows programming, "How to Kill an Israeli" and Jean-Paul Sartre.
Very interesting. I wonder what the people in Lebanon think of these plans? Hmm.

The unsettling return of the archangel Michel By Michael Young
Michael Aoun returned to Lebanon while the Syrians were leaving. Brave? He was in exile for 15 years. You decide. Now, he claims to be the only leader? He has told, in essence, the people to "shut up." There is discomfort because when he spoke to the people, he did not mention Hirarir nor the Christians. He claimed the revolution was his doing! You have to read this commentary if you want to understand what is truly happening in Lebanon.