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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Media Slander

Media Slander is a site that has been created so we can take a proactive stand in this war against the "news." This is a site in which was painstakingly slow in coming, but the MSM (main street media) has forced the hand of many good, honest, patriot men and women who only ask that the truth, not the agenda, be the motivation for reporters. Apparently, this is a task for which it is too much for hope.

You will find many familiar names contributing to this site. Blackfive, Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail (great news), Brian Scott of The Blue State Conservatives (great political insight), Charles Goggin, Kevin Craver of Rathergate and Easongate (great guy), La Shawn Barber (great gal), Mike Krempasky of The Red State, Roger Morrow, USMC_Vet of The Word Unheard (great articles), and The Winds of Change.Net.

All of these sites are written by well spoken and thoughtful people who have better things to do with their time than watch the media...unless it comes to slandering our troops. I am proud to be able to comment on their work. It is very encouraging. Back to the topic, though...

There is a good article where Blackfive spells out why this is necessary, and what we can do about it. It is much better to do something about that which is wrong than to wring one's hands and whine. We are fighters. Fight on!