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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The List

John Hawkins of Right Wing News challenges us to make our own list. The criteria is such that if we are only allowed to read 20 political blogs or other sites, including their links, what would they be?

Here is my list, in no particular order:

1. Iraq the Model
2. Club for Growth
3. Dagney's Rant
4. Double Toothpicks .
5. La Shawn Barber
6. Radio Free Asia
7. Counter Terrorism
8. INA Today (International News Agency)
9. Sudan
10. Opinion Journal
11. Arthur Chrenkoff -Australia
12. Armies of Liberation
13. Geo-Political Review
14. PoliPundit
15. Syria blog, Joshua
16. Mudville Gazette
17. Daily Star -Lebanon
18. Afghan Warrior
19. Free Muslims against Terrorism
20. Free Korea

This is my partial list. I also read the Washington Times, the Post, USA Today, and some other rags. I refuse to be confined to just 20! I rebel. How many of you are with me? Chicken? Don't read that much? Humph. lol. Oh well. Have a great day, anyway.
PS. Any site not mentioned above, please do not be offended. I had a hard time chosing. I still read you! When I get the time. For example, I read Blackfive everyday, but I did not include him because he is more Military than politics. Feel free to contact me if you feel I should make another list! lol.