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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If I could be...

I have been challenged by a dear friend to write an answer to three questions:
If I could be a new parent...
If I could be a College Graduation Speaker...
If I could be an advisor to the Senate...
Well, I let her know I would accept her challenge. Her name is Pat, and she has a very nice site. I shall answer them now.

If I could be a new parent, I would not read Dr. Spock or any other "new" form of "advice." I helped my Mom raise my little sisters, so I have an idea. I would read to him often. I would sing to him, also. I would have many stuffed animals so he could choose which one he liked. I would love him. I would not be his friend, I would be his Mother. Later in life, there is time for us to be friends.

From the time he is born, he needs me to guide him, teach him right from wrong, encourage him, nurture him, and hug and kiss him all over! That is what Mom's are for. There is so much to say, but I will try to keep it brief. I will home school my child. I will teach him love of and how to play sports, appreciation for art, and all the wonders of God's Creation. Yes. I will teach him about God and His love, mercy, forgiveness, justice, and His Son.

If I could be a College Graduation Speaker, I would speak about the opportunities that this great country has to offer them, and you hold it in the palm of your hands. I would let them know that their future not only belongs to them, but it is their responsibility to make sure they do the best that they can do at whatever they are blessed to do (even if you hate it) so that the generation coming behind them may enjoy the same opportunities and blessings they were afforded.

I would let them know there is no shame in any hard work. Never look down on someone who brings and picks up your food. Especially because they can spit in it if you are rude! (Joke) Seriously though, everyone is contributing in their own way, and do not thumb you nose at them. You never know when that may be you. Just as long as you do your best at whatever you are doing, you are a blessing to God and to the world.

If I could be an advisor to the Senate, they would all be out of a job. We are at war, and they are acting like there is nothing in the world that is more important than themselves. They never let the people understand the dangers we are in, nor do they help alleviate the stress. No wonder people are losing support for Iraq. Little do they know, because you do not tell them that Iraq is just another theatre in this long term battle of wills.

I would let them know that they are in the majority. You must uphold your principles. In case you forgot what they were, read some of your campaign pledges. Do them. Deliver. Never back down. Never apologize for your position. Speak clearly and concisely. Do not worry about sound bites. Don't read polls. They change quicker than your computer goes out of date!

Stop challenging the President just because the Democrats are doing so. That is their job. After all, they were wrong then, and they are wrong now. That is why your seats were enlargened. If you believe President Bush is doing the right thing, stand up for him! He is our leader, after all. I know you sometimes forget that. Try to remember in between running for your next seat!

If you want to do what is good and right for this country, the people will understand your sincerity, even if they disagree with it. If you do anything other than what I have advised, the people will know that, too, and they will be disgusted. If you want participation from the electorate, do what is right. If you want apathy, do what is easy. That is all.

Thank you, Pat, for giving me the opportunity to really think about these things. As you know, I was writing about my son in Heaven. I was writing about what I wished someone had said when I graduated. I wrote about what I wish the Republicans would wake up and realize. I can do no more. I am about to give up on them. You can tell by reading this and this. These were written today!