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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Federalist: Founders' Daily Quote(s) 5/5/2005

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
"It will be worthy of a free, enlightened, and, at no distant period, a great Nation, to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a People always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence." --George Washington

Thursday, April 28, 2005
"Without justice being freely, fully, and impartially administered, neither our persons, nor our rights, nor our property, can be protected. And if these, or either of them, are regulated by no certain laws, and are subject to no certain principles, and are held by no certain tenure, and are redressed, when violated, by no certain remedies, society fails of all its value; and men may as well return to a state of savage and barbarous independence." --Joseph Story

It appears that humans have no rights when they cannot speak. Is this shocking to the sensibilities of a moral nation? Yes, it most certainly is. Also, when money can buy your freedom whereas someone in the exact same circumstance would be imprisoned, how is this justice? Weighing the one against the other only shows that some are more "equal" than others.

Friday, April 29, 2005
"Whatever may be the judgement pronounced on the competency of the architects of the Constitution, or whatever may be the destiny of the edifice prepared by them, I feel it a duty to express my profound and solemn conviction...that there never was an assembly of men, charged with a great and arduous trust, who were more pure in their motives, or more exclusively or anxiously devoted to the object committed to them." --James Madison

Should we have written the Constitution for the Iraqis? No. I portend to you that, alas, we have lost our way. Maybe they will be able to help us find it by their example. We have shamefully become too comfortable.

We no longer wish to debate with words of good faith. No. It is always attack from within. Soon, I fear, we shall starve from malnutrition of ideas or the willingness to carry them to fruitation.