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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

EU to combat terrorism, crime, & immigration

The European Union has met this weekend, and the results were somewhat disappointing. They want to combat terrorism, organized crime, and immigration, but they have not come up with a plan to do so. They need the people and the press to really watch and push them to accomplish this.

Some of things that were discussed at this meeting were:
The Roadmap for Freedom Justice and Security. This includes fundamental rights and citizenship, the fight against terrorism, migration management, internal borders, external borders and visas, a common asylum area, integration: the positive impact of migration on our society and economy, privacy and security in sharing information, the fight against organised crime, civil and criminal justice: an effective European area of justice for all, and freedom, Security and Justice: sharing responsibility and solidarity.
I wonder how many people over in Europe will put up with the "intrusions" that we do? Oh, that's right! They don't have the rights that we do. America is unique in that aspect. I just wish everyone would shut up about how unfair we are to others when they do nothing about their own situation. At least we try to right the wrongs. They don't even know what wrong is!

Getting back to the point, if you would like to read the entire article, you may read it at the Counter Terrorism site. Hat tip to Victor Comras.