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Monday, May 23, 2005

Die Aussauger

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Germany 1930. Please allow me to explain. I was reading the Opinion Journal this morning when I happened upon this article. I am speechless, so I will refer you to this site. This is Davids MEDIENKRITIK site, and this article is written by Ray D.

Apparently, Gerhard Schroeder ran an ad in the largest labor union paper that is very offensive today, but helped him barely win office last election.
Yesterday, facing a likely loss in elections in Germany's largest state, North Rhine-Westphalia, his Social Democratic Party's union backers played another anti-American card, this time depicting U.S. investors as blood-sucking parasites. Social Democratic chairman Franz Muntefering compared hedge funds to "swarms of locusts." This time, the tactic failed. Mr. Schoeder's party went down to a stunning defeat, losing the largely working-class state, home to one out of five Germans, for the first time in nearly 40 years. Last night Mr. Schroeder announced he would hold national elections this fall, a year ahead of schedule.
So you see, times they are achangin' and people shall be left behind...on the wrong side of history. If they so choose, we may see a remarkable change in Germany:
The Christian Democrats have announced that Angela Merkel, their pro-U.S. party chairman, will be their candidate for chancellor in the fall elections.

Ms. Merkel is a physicist who lived in East Germany when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. While cautious, she is the closest thing German politics has to a Margaret Thatcher. When asked earlier this year if she detected any similarities between her ideas and the reforms that Britain's Iron Lady carried out in the 1980s, she told the Independent, a British newspaper, "My whole life was changed by reunification. I have experienced change as something good, not something to be avoided."
One can only hope and pray...