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Sunday, May 08, 2005


I would like to humbly say thank you to everyone who has visited this site. We have just passed the 10,000 visit marker. I don't know quite where the person came from or whom he/she is, but the topic on the search engine was "article about death in custody in Germany."

I have enjoyed many hours searching for news articles, sports stories, fun things to do, and in general just relaxing. The most rewarding are the MilBloggers. They are so informed it embarrasses me. I do not know what I should say to my Angels, and here are these bloggers giving me the news! I just don't want to send anything depressing or not uplifting.

I absolutely adore the foreign bloggers. They are from Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia, UK, Scotland, New Zealand, China, South Korea, and Africa. (There are more, but I cannot remember at this minute. Please forgive me. Write me, and I will include your country.)

It is such a small world. Hey, do you think maybe someday bloggers could bring world peace? Why not? The truth is no longer held in the hands of the elite few who believe you and I are not capable of knowledge. Little do they know...

Thank you, everyone. What a great Mother's Day gift. When I get to Heaven, I'll have to share this with Austin. He will get a kick out of this. Again, thank you.