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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

World News Today-4/06/2005

Iran's police chief quits to run for president. This man is a "moderate conservative" who has gained much support when he ordered that forces stay out of people's private lives. However, he still agrees that Sharia law should be law of the land. The election will be June 17. The more liberally moderate and democracy craving leaders are probably not going to be allowed to run, again. This is bad for Iran. To read the whole story, click on the title.

In Iraq, they have chosen a Kurdish interim President named Jalal Talabani, along with Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a Shiite, and Sunni Arab al-Yawer, the former interim President to be the 2 Vice Presidents. You may read about this here and here.

The Washington Times has uncovered a plan for which a Ukranian and 2 Russians were going to sell 20 long range missles to China and Iran. They are having problems with organized crime, and they have successfully smuggled some out of the country.

Mr. Yushchenko, who will address a joint session of Congress (USA) today, is promising to investigate. There have been investigations and indictment already, so at least he is taking this seriously. [read more]

The trade defecit is not boding well, and something must be done. China has raised it's textile sales 1,521% cotton denims and 1,258% knit shirts. President Bush is ready to reinstate the 7.5% market share cap on textiles bought from China. Many people in the USA have lost their jobs and several companies have been forced to close. China is upset. What else is new? [read more]

Wow! There is much news. There is bus service that is supposed to start that will allow the people of Kashmir to reunite with their loved ones who live in Pakistan. One of these people is a 74 year old mother who has never met her grandchildren. Her name is Fatima Begum. She will be one of the first to ride the confidence building bus service. There is too much news to put in a paragraph, so please read about it here and here. It is well worth your time, seeing as we hear nothing about the Indo-Pak bilateral peace talks.

Lebanese Independence Project is a project of Spirit of America. Right now, we have at least 2 men in Beruit, Lebanon. They are there to find out what kind of help the Lebanese people need to bring a true democracy into their country, if that is what they want. Indeed, this is what they are fighting for, and they ask us NOT TO FORGET THEM. If you would like to help, go here.

President Koizumi of Japan desires to do more with NATO and American troops in Afghanistan. The story is right here.