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Monday, April 25, 2005

Why French can't call Darfur Genocide

Here is an article that will startle and shock you who thought the French to be above war. You were mistaken. They are against the USA. Don't you ever forget that.

Before you all get off your rockers, I am referring to the government. Here is part of the interview:
French soldiers trained Rwandan civilian militias in the two years leading up to the 1994 genocide, an officer in the French gendarmerie said Friday, contradicting persistent denials from the Paris government.

"I saw French soldiers giving fire-arms training to civilian Rwandan militiamen in 1992. There were about 30 militiamen being trained. I am absolutely categoric about this. I saw them and that is all there is to it," said Thierry Prungnaud.

"They must have been militiamen because the soldiers used to go around in fatigues and these were civilians," said Prungnaud, who was in Rwanda in 1992 on a training programme for the presidential guard.

"It must have gone on till 1994. It didn't shock me - after all I didn't see how it all turned out. It just seemed normal," he said.
If you have any further need to research the truth on your own (which I hope you will do), read the article that began this post. Thank you.

Hat tip to Jeff at GeoPolitical Review.