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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Search for Saddam's WMD Completed

Again? No kidding? This story is 14 minutes old. Didn't we do this last year? The year before that? It was so long ago, I can't remember! Oh, wait. Yes I can. It was right before the presidential debates...hmm. I smell a rat. Click on the title to read the story, if you really want to waste your time. Geez.

The Bush administration justified its 2003 invasion of Iraq as necessary to eliminate Hussein's purported stockpile of WMD.
This is not true. This is what was said at the UN to garner support, but even there he emphasized human rights abuses, support of terrorist groups, etc.
In 92 pages posted online Monday evening, Duelfer provided a final look at an investigation that, at its peak, occupied more than 1,000 military and civilian translators, weapons specialists and other experts.
What did he need weapons specialists and other experts for if not the fact he was using them to create WMD? Where is the link to the pages? Sloppy.
Among warnings sprinkled throughout the new documents, one concludes that Saddam's programs created a pool of weapons experts, many of whom will be seeking work. <...> the danger remains that "hostile foreign governments, terrorists or insurgents may seek Iraqi expertise."

"Because a single individual can advance certain WMD activities, it remains an important concern," one addendum said.
So are you saying we did the right thing or not? Are you disappointed that we are doing well? Shame on you. God bless America.