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Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope

Just now, Fox News broke in with a special report. The Pope has lost consequence and his kidneys are failing. They are having special Mass at the Vatican. There are many Bishops and laypeople gathered there.

The Pope has stated before that our prayers from all over the world have sustained him. Please pray for the Pope. Pray for healing, his health, his breathing (is shallow), and his spirit.

Dear God,
Oh hear our prayers, You, the Almighty, who holds our life in the palm of Your hand. You who are sufficient. You who are the Final Judge. Oh please, heal Pope John Paul II. Take him into Your heart, hide him under Your wing. Please, Lord, all powerful, You are the greatest doctor, the healer of all man, be with the Pope. Love him, heal him, console him and Your sheep. We love You, Lord. We do not have the words adequate enough for a prayer worthy of You. Please accept our humble prayer. In Jesus' Precious Name I pray. And everyone said...Amen.