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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI was elected after only 24 hours of deliberating. He is from Germany, and he was one of Pope John Paul II's closest friends. He worked in the Vatican for 23 years. The last week of Pope John Paul II's life, when he could no longer carry the cross to the Mass, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) carried it for him.

The press is having a field day smearing this Pope already. Sofia News Agency has said,
"A theologian from Germany, his job has earned him the nickname of "the Pope's enforcer" and he has been accused of trying to silence church dissidents."
This is listed under "sports" as they are describing who he is.

The Globe and Mail had this to say,
"These include the priest sex-abuse scandals that have cost the church millions in settlements in the United States and elsewhere; coping with a chronic shortage of priests and nuns in the West; and halting the stream of people leaving a church indifferent to teachings they no longer find relevant."
Nice, huh?

How about the Guardian? Maybe they have something nice to say. Wait just a minute.
In the nearest thing to a campaign speech for the conservative camp, the German cardinal cautioned his listeners against being" whirled about by every fresh gust of teaching". The quotation was from St Paul but, said Cardinal Ratzinger, it was "very up to date".
This was AFTER they declared that the smoke was black and no Pope had been chosen!

Well, you won't believe this! The Mirror did not say one bad thing about the new Pope!

The AP, however, gives us much to ponder (yeah right!) They made the usual hard-liner accusations and then said,
On Monday, Ratzinger, who was the powerful dean of the College of Cardinals, used his homily at the Mass dedicated to electing the next pope to warn the faithful about tendencies that he considered dangers to the faith: sects, ideologies like Marxism, liberalism, atheism, agnosticism and relativism - the ideology that there are no absolute truths.
And your point is...?

To all my Catholic friends, Congratulations! God bless Pope Benedict XVI and you. Ignore MSM, and have a great day.