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Friday, April 15, 2005

Lebanese Unity and Disunity

Spirit of America's Michael Totten has been in Lebanon for over a couple of months now. He has seen many wonderful and troubling things occur.

In East and West Beruit, it is absolutely ablaze with the thirst for democracy. There is another part of Lebanon, however, known as Hezbollahland. This territory is run as virtually a sovereign fascist police state (and a terrorist outpost.)

So on April 13, 2005, (30 years ago the civil war began) the Sunnis and Christians are not celebrating the beginning of the civil, but rather they have turned the meaning around and inside out. Now it stands for unity. While the Sunni Muslims of West Beruit and the Christians of East Beruit joined together in celebration of a new beginning, a unity, the Shiite Hezbollah-while they had stated they wanted to be with the people-stayed in their part of town.

Michael managed to sneak some photos of inside Hezbollahland out to us. It is horrible. Everything is downtrodden. There are pictures of Assad, Khomeini, and "martyrs" staining the landscape.

Finally, a word from Michael:
Parts of Lebanon are still mobilized for civil war. Peace, democracy, and genuine national unity require not only elections but the disarmament of Lebanon's terror militia. It can't happen unless Syria, Hezbollah's patron, is first thrown out of the country entirely. Even then it will be a long, arduous, delicate, perilous process.
I agree. Please go to the site to find out how you can help. Thank you.

Hat tip to Blackfive.