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Friday, April 15, 2005

Lebanese Countdown

The Lebanese Cedar Revolution was feeling as though their first victory was slipping through their hands, so they came up with a plan. Day after day there was always something bigger to catch the eye of the media hogs.

Now, they are demanding elections on May 29, 2005. They are also demanding the government call for those elections by passing the necessary election law 30 days in advance.
Opposition members of parliament (yes, they do exist) were invited along with the media to witness the launch of the campaign. First to arrive was Nayla Moawad, the staunchest member of the opposition in Parliament. Her late husband Rene Moawad was briefly President of Lebanon in 1989 before he was assasinated by (guess who?) the Syrian Baath regime.
Yesterday Prime Minster Omar Karami resigned his post for the second time. He resigned once before, was put back in power, then resigned yet again. While some see this as a victory, others are quite skeptical. They have seen this happen before. They wonder if this is not just some political theatrics.
If you care about the people of Lebanon, if their victory - by no means assured at this point - over terror and dictatorship is important to you, please help us help them. You can donate as little as five dollars, or as much as you can afford. A donation from you is more than just charity. They are fighting for all of us here.
Thank you for your time, and also for your careful generosity and willingness to see the world become a more free place to live. Have a great day.

Hat tip to Blackfive and Michael Totten of Spirit of America-Lebanon.