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Monday, April 18, 2005

Indo-Pak Peace Talks 4/18/2005

Both leaders of India (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) and Pakistan (President Pervez Musharraf) agreed on measures to increase business ties, cross-border travel, and the reduction of military forces along the border. The matter of Kasmir was also discussed. They both agree there needs to be a solution. Since it is such a complex issue, they have decided to create Confidence-Building Measure (CBM).

India has plans to start operating the Munabao-Kokhropar rail link. The bus that takes people from Kasmir into Pakistan will have it's number of schedules increased. This will improve trade between the two countries.

The Joint Business Council, which has not met since 1989, will begin bilateral joint commision work. This must start to meet soon, which is the belief of both countries, to provide an umbrella for trade relations.

There is more that was discussed, including the fears of terrorism by both countries. It appears, remember this is only my opinion, that these peace talks which have been going on since 2004 are going well.

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