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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Green Revolution for Iran

The Word Unheard has a wonderful article from a young Iranian who gave a testimony as to the daily talk. They are no longer wondering if the regime will fall, they are just guessing when and which color to give their peaceful revolution!

There is a group of Iranians from inside Iran who has delivered an ultimatum to the regime. They no longer consider the government legitimate, and they are advising any outsiders who do business with Iran that after June 16, 2005, their contracts will considered null and void.

Update: USMC_Vet has correctly informed me that this may be a lot more rosy than I presented it. Yes, it is my wishful thinking that the Mullahs would just drop dead-er-go away. This, however, does seem to be very unlikely since they torture everyone who opposes them.

I was referring, in general, that maybe the USA's involvement-if any-would be covert rather than overt. Come on...don't be such sissy's. You know there is covert action going on to save your behind that you do not want to hear get a grip. Be a man/woman! Hehehe.

I just pray that the Iranian PEOPLE will finally have the very same opportunities that you share.

Sounds so sweet to my ears. These people are demanding freedom, and I say we should back them in their struggle against this terrorist government.

Hat tip to USMC_Vet. (To read article, click title.)