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Saturday, April 30, 2005

The City of Brotherly "No love lost."

While Terrell Owens is still holding out for a new contract, Donovan McNabb did not miss orientation. The two appear to be at odds over last year's Super Bowl loss. McNabb swears he was not sick, but I watched the game. You were sick, dude.

There are also more contract disputes. Running back Brian Westbrook and defensive tackle Corey Simon both stayed at home, while Freddie Mitchell was not welcome back to the camp.

The Seattle Seahawks Shuan Alexander missed camp, and he hasn't signed a $6.3 million dollar contract yet. Hmm. He missed the NFL rushing title last year by one yard. In his absense, Maurice Morris and Kerry Carter received the most snaps. However, Shaun is expected to with the team.

Buffalo Bills running back Travis Henry will be disciplined for missing his mandatory minicamp on Friday. He is a little peeved, because he asked to traded after losing his starting job to Willis McGahee last season. He has one year left in his contract.

On a side note: If you aren't going to play your best, go away! We don't need you.

No sooner did I write that then I read they already found his possible replacement! Anthony Thomas had a conversation Thursday with the Bills. He is a free agent, and he is a former Chicago running back.

Shane Matthews was also absent. Two offesive linemen, Ross Tucker (back) and Kevin Thomas (knee), were held out of practice due to injuries.

Donovan Darius skipped Jacksonville's mini-camp. He drew criticism and a fine from coach Jack Del Rio. He is seeking a trade after he received permission from the owner.

I am beginning to see a pattern here. If you know someone has Rosenhaus for an agent, expect trouble. Trade your guy. Do not deal with this man. Mike McKenzie of Green Bay Packers, Anquan Boldin of Arizona Cardinals, and Donovan McNabb all are holding out for more money. They all have signed contracts that they are willing to break. They also have one thing in common: Rosenhaus.