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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Calling All Christians

La Shawn Barber is asking her Christians friends for help in addressing an audience about Christianity. She is an Evangelical Christian, and there may be one other in the event. She would like us to address these three questions:
What is a faith-based blogger? How is the term defined?

Is faith-blogging a phenomenon of Christian bloggers?

Discuss the GodBlogCon in October. Is it too exclusive?
What do you think it will accomplish?
I can offer what I believe to believe is true, but I would also appreciate it very much if you would help her.

The thing I find wrong with Christianity today is that we do not practice what we preach. Even I am guilty of this. I get angry, and I do not hide it. Is it righteous anger? Sometimes. If I would wait a day or two, it may change the situation making me unrighteous in my anger. This is my struggle.

It appears to me as though we are always trying to find some common ground with those who are unwilling to see the world as we do. Does this make sense to you? From my experiences from a condo in NYC to skid row, to USC, I have found the only way to gain trust and respect from those who disagree with me is to be real. Be honest about who I am, what I believe, and to stand firm.

This in no way means I have a right to deminish anyone for their beliefs. Nor do I want to. If I do not know what I believe or why I believe it, I should not be trying to get others to follow. I am confident in what and why I am a Christian.

This frightens some people. It should not. I am not their spiritual judge. On the other hand, I do believe I have a say in the way certain policies are put in place. Just as any other citizen.

Do I love the poor? Yes. I do not wish they were poor, but Christ Himself foretold they would always be among us. D0es this mean we need a government program? NO. Each of us is accountable for the works we do. We are not forgiven because of our works, yet they are indeed ingrained in us. The way we work, the way we present ourselves, the way we deal with others; all of this is a reflection of our love for Christ.

When the government interferes with this, we become complacent. We stop giving to our Church. We stop donating our clothes to the 2nd hand stores and Churches. We don't stop caring. We just forget we are to treat all people as Children of God. That is what government is sometimes able to do to our psyche.

Then government determines we are no longer welcome in the participation of the free flow of ideas. They slowly take away our voice. Our God-givin voice as noted in the first amendment, but I am getting off track.

Definition of a faith-based blogger: A blogger who does all that he does to the best of his ability as if to God Himself.

I do not believe this is a phenomenon for Christian bloggers. We have certainly had many Christian print media before blogging became "in." Take the Bible, for example!

What I am about to say may shock those who disagree with me, but here goes. Christianity by it's very nature is exclusive. We are in this world, but not of this world. Does this mean that others don't have rights and dignity? No. Of course it does not mean that. I must be honest, however, and let you know this is what I believe.

I also believe, because I am told it is true, that God will come first for the Jews. This tells me that the Jewish people are God's chosen people still. Does this mean I do not like Muslims? No. That is silly. People who claim this are either too ignorant to look at the facts of history or don't care to learn.

I am willing to learn about people from everywhere. I just ask the same respect I show. I know many people believe this is too much to ask. So be it for them. I do not want to waste my time on swine. (Biblical.) Yes. I believe it is in everyone's best interest if we would all just be honest. Amen.