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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Blogger News from Around the World 4/27/2005

Arthur Chrenkoff has gathered a few stories from the ME. This one in particular tickled me:
Iraq: Astute Blogger has a wager for you:
"I betchya that IRAQ - rife with neojihadist and neobaathist terror and nagged by lingering ethnic divisions (between Sunni Arabs, Sunni Kurdish, Shia and the Turkmen), and trying democracy for the first time ! - gets a new constitution before EUROPE does!"
This is just too true! LOL.

The Adventures of Chester, meanwhile, responds to the Fox's "Iran: The Nuclear Threat" special.

Reason why the Democrats lost the election, part 347 This is in regard to the infamous Sen. from down of MA. It kind of brings home how corrupt the Senate of the US really is and why the Framers granted the State Legislatures the right to choose their senators. This is so they would be beholden to the proscribed states and not party affilates. Another time in history we need to reconsider.

(Senators now enjoy the same rights as our House of Representatives without the obligation that created this body in the first place. Plus, they have 6 years to raise money, while Congress only has 2 years. This is not fair.)

At Double Toothpicks, I found this article about the Syrian pull-out of Lebanon. They also have link to Captain Ed and Publius Pundit. It is a good read. If you are interested in helping, you may go to Spirit of America and help wherever and whoever you choose.

On a friendship note, La Shawn Barber will be working at BlogNashville. Although I do not know her personally, I consider her to be of fine caliber. A true patriot with a mind of her own. I am sure you will enjoy reading her articles.

Well, that is enough for now. I will continue to bring the news from newspapers and well as the blogosphere. I wish everyone (except Zarqowi and bin Ladin!) a very good day.