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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Amazing New Site (to me)

I have been reading this awsome site called Geo-Political Review. They are staying on top of all the recent news around the world that we are not allowed to hear at home!

They have one item in particular that caught my eye: Further Evidence That the U.N. May Have Falsified Congo Report.
After commenting last week <...> the United Nations may have used false information to justify increased military operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. <...> the source of the disclosure, William Church (an intelligence expert with over 40 years of experience). <...> United Nations Panel of Experts (the group charged with reviewing the alleged role of Rwanda in the DRC) <...> report.
I really found this information NEWS! Have you heard anything about it? Hmm? I'll bet the AP, ITN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have! Those rascals.

To read the complete article, click on the title. Hat tip to Arthur Chrenkoff, who was mentioned by Mark Steyn today! Moving up in the world, heh? Hehehe. Have a great day.