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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Washington Times News-3/29/2005

Politics Blog is a small article that is beginning to come an MSM disgraceful shame.
This is, if anything, worse than Dan Rather and CBS using fake documents to try to bring down President Bush. The New York Times reports that the memo was distributed to reporters by Democratic staffers on the Hill. Isn't it time for the media to come clean?
We must seek and find the truth. Please pass the word.

Moderate Muslims celebrate public rebuke of bin Laden is astonishing! You must read this:
"The political regime must refrain from sectarian or ethnic preference; it must respect the rights and liberties of the minorities and must guarantee them through legislative action, practical policy and equal opportunity in the areas of education, media and civil positions."

Says Khaled Abou El Fadl, an authority on Islamic law at the University of California at Los Angeles: "The long and painful silence of moderate theologians and experts in Islam jurisprudence -- who had been bought off or intimidated into silence -- is finally starting to break apart. We are seeing signs of a counter-jihad."

"There needs to be an awakening that radicals are manipulating the Koran for their own narrow motives," said Omid Safi, professor of philosophy and religion at Colgate University.

"Islam needs a new approach -- to get away from the Islam of the Middle East being the only point of reference," said Abdullahi An-Na'im, a specialist in Islamic law at Emory University in Atlanta. [read more]
Thank you so much, and may we all be able to come together as one. This is simply amazing. We have asked, "Were are the Muslim's that believe terrorism is wrong?" Here they are. I am very thankful and grateful. Keep up the good work.

Why is it always the last paragraphs that gives us the news? LOL. Anyway, here is what may have happened to the Anthrax in Iraq:
Australian microbiologist Rod Barton, who took part in Iraq Survey Group interrogations, said in a recent Australian Broadcasting Corp. interview that the disposal was carried out in July 1991, when Iraqi orders were issued to destroy all bioweapons agents immediately.

Then, through the years, Mrs. Taha and other Iraqi officials denied the "missing" anthrax ever existed.

"The members of the program were too fearful to tell the regime that they had dumped deactivated anthrax within sight of one of the principal presidential palaces," the Iraq Survey Group says. [read more]
I suppose this may answer some questions, but what about the rest of them? What about Baaka Valley? Hmm?

Are you ready for this disgusting treaty?
The case stems from an appeal by convicted rapist-murderer Jose Medellin, one of 51 Mexican nationals whose cases were ordered re-examined last year by the U.N. International Court of Justice (ICJ). The inmates were never told of their rights to promptly consult the Mexican Consulate upon their arrests.

The ICJ, the United Nations' highest judicial body, said the Mexican nationals were denied the rights guaranteed under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, a 1963 treaty ratified by about 160 countries, including the United States.

President Bush bowed to the ruling last month and ordered new state court hearings for the 51 Mexicans, although it remains to be seen whether the Supreme Court, which is expected to rule this summer, will agree to do the same. [read more].
Interesting. President Bush, you are to uphold the US CONSTITUTION. Got it???

Now for the arts.
Using an X-ray machine, they peered behind the lush greens of New Zealand and discovered the oldest known painting of Antarctica. The X-ray revealed two icebergs, painted during Captain James Cook's historic expedition below the Antarctic Circle. Until the National Maritime Museum in London made the discovery last year, historians thought that only sketches of the frozen continent had been produced. [read more]
It is a very interesting article. I love the arts, so I brought it to the attention of those who also love art.

President Bush has decided that if you are spying on the USA, you will not get away with it anymore.
The National Counterintelligence Strategy was approved March 1 by President Bush, marking the first time that the U.S. government has sought to formulate a comprehensive counterspy program, said Michelle Van Cleave, head of the office of the national counterintelligence executive, a White House-level intelligence post. [read more]
. Very interesting. I hope it works this time.

Okay, I'm angry. The Ugly Supremes decided not to decide on a case in Idaho that would require girls under the age of 18 to gain permission for an abortion. Have we gone so far done the road that life is virtually (ironic, a word that stems from virtue) worthless and useless? [read more].

One of these days I will try to bring a coherent conversation of Christianity and it's virtues. I believe we have lost our identity, and we are the worse for it. I cannot sit by and watch that happen. I know women are not supposed to teach over men, but I must speak out on part of the Holy Scripures and explain why the Left is so afraid of us. They may just have to do what is right, instead of what makes them feel good for a fleeting flicker of time.

Everyone have a very blessed and good day.