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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tony Show's Health

Tony Snow has to go back to the hospital to have a (?) put in his chest so they can give him chemotherapy once every two weeks. I forget what it is called, but it will make it easier for them to just put the medicine in whatever he has in his chest. He is feeling better, but he thinks he over did it today. He was sounding weak but good.

Tony is torn over the Terri Schiavo case. He generally, like the rest of us, does not like the federal government getting involved in people's private lives, but this is an extraordinary case. He is happy for the turn out, but he did not know at the time that the judge is refusing to allow the feeding tube to be reinstated.

He also spoke about baseball. Mr. McGuire made a fool of himself. He has come to the conclusion that even people who don't care about baseball found it disgusting. Another thing, he noticed that the union is the strongest one. The union runs baseball, not the owners or the fans. What a shame.

However, Tony did say that the people doing the investigating should clean up their own house before they investigate others. Way to go Tony! Don't forget, you can still send get well cards and wishes here. Godspeed.