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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Rally to Energize Americans for Darfur

This rally is going to have a positive twist to it. We want to encourage people to do the right thing, instead of pushing them away. What we are doing is right. We believe, as President Bush and former Sec. of State Powell have clearly stated, there is genocide happening in Darfur, Sudan. The UN is not acting. NATO is not acting. We only have us left to speak for those with no voice in Darfur.

If you are planning to attend the rally on March 28, 2005, I would like to offer you a few tips. If you are planning to come with a small group of people, please give your group a name and place where you reside-ie. city, state, or something imaginative. Register your group with Mark. Since wooden poles are illegal, please use cardboard rolled in a tube for any signs you would like to bring.

Our purpose is to bring awareness to the situation and encourage others, like Wall Street-etc., to divest in Darfur. Give them something they CAN do, rather than leaving them frustrated and hopeless.

Please bring noise makers like bells, whistles and the such. If you would like to make your own pamphlets, feel free to hand them out. Be polite.

We do not have anyone per se as a speaker, but some of the people who usually speak about this issue will be there and will be speaking. If you feel you want to say something, see Mark. You can reach him here and you can e-mail him here.

Rally: March 28, 2005 in front of Wall Street, 9-11 am and 11-1 pm. Please register and e-mail to confirm.

Disclaimer: I am not a member of World People for Peace, but I support whole heartedly their efforts in this endeavor. When it comes to genocide, I do not care who joins me in this fight. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Thank you. Please think about it.