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Monday, March 28, 2005

Prostate Cancer v. Breast Cancer

Today's Washington Times has a fantastic article about the disparity between the emphasis on gender cancer. I call it that because women do not have prostates, and most men do not get breast cancer. (Some do.)

For instance, did you know that more men die per year than women because of these cancers? Yet women have support groups, established education about breast cancer, warnings of not having an examination, more money spent for research, and many more disparities. Why is this?

For one, men do not understand the importance of a simple examination. Second, there are no actors, politicians, ball players, or leaders calling for education, scientific studies and recommendations, and an outcry by the MSM for men to care for their health.

I recommend you read this article. It may save your life. Really. You will learn a lot you did not know. How do I know this? I' surprised.

Please, if only for those who love you, go get an examination to make sure you do not have prostate cancer. If you do, on the other hand, hopefully you will have caught it in time. Sometimes you don't even need to have an operation! Please do this. If no one loves you, then please do it for me. God bless you.