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Friday, March 25, 2005

News from Afghanistan-1

This article deserves to be on top. In Afghanistan, The has this story about the Tillman Center which will be opened next week.

"The United Service Organizations (USO) and the NFL will open the Pat Tillman USO Center in Afghanistan in the next week. The NFL donated $250,000 to the USO for the construction of the Tillman Center, located at Bagram Air Base near Kabul and named in honor of Tillman, the former Arizona State and Cardinals player who, as an Army Ranger, was killed during combat operations in Afghanistan in April 2004."
In the The Hindu, we find
the Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai, is arriving here tomorrow on a two-day visit for discussions with the Pakistani leadership on a wide range of bilateral issues." <...> "Four agreements and a protocol on political consultations are to be signed during Mr. Karzai's visit here. The agreements are for a bus link between Peshawar, Jalalabad and Quetta, cooperation between the media and tourism.
The two countries do not agree on the protocol, which was delivered to Karsai over a year ago. It is a good read to stay up to date on what is happening in this part of the world. Remember what happens when we don't...

From the Stars and Stripes by Kent Harris, we have an article about the flooding, rescue, and humanitarian mission. Many people were stranded due to the high levels of rain. We rescued about 200. You can read the article, which will let you know about the history of the weather, the drought, and the return of the rain upon our arrival. Coincidence? I don't think so...!

In the, we have a combination of good and potentially bad news. There is a man who is growing wheat where the Afghan police threatened to plow his poppy fields. This country is desperately in need of business.
`Afghanistan is ready for any business, especially where transportation and power generation are concerned,'' he says.

``This is a country hungry for investment.'' Karzai says Afghanistan may become a ``land bridge'' between the Middle East, China and India, echoing its historic role as part of the Silk Route between Europe and the Far East.

Construction of a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through Afghanistan could generate $200 million a year in transit fees, says Najeeb Jung, a senior energy specialist at the Asian Development Bank in Manila.
This story fits well with the story right above it.ABC News Online, Australia brings a story of President Karsai who is building a special court to try drug traffickers. He is having judges, prosecuters, defense lawyers, and all kinds of special others trained in democracy and law. He is truly trying to bring a legal economy to his country. It is not a long article, but it is a good read.

This is a story I love. It is about 2 dogs who found their way from Afghanistan to Utah! You can read about it in

Well, I had to do one story about North Korea. I found this little tidbit at KAUMODI Online.
BANGKOK: North Korea is ready to go to war with the United States over the communist country's nuclear programme, a newspaper on Friday quoted a North Korean envoy as saying.
Ya think?