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Friday, March 04, 2005

Judicial Gridlock

As I was listening to Laura Ingraham and Byron York this morning, I found myself angry and delighted at the same time. Byron was saying that the Constitutional Method to change the senate rules to allow an up or down vote for judges may take a while. He seems to think what the Republican Senators are doing is allowing them to hang themselves with the same rope Mr. Dashcle (sp?) left behind.

The Democrats have threatened to stop everything if the Republicans go forward with this plan. That is why you are seeing some important legistation being passed early in the year this time. They are going to get as much as possible done.

In the meantime, there is a hope that the American people and the moderate Republicans will see that the Democrats have learned nothing from last years elections. They don't care that you and I voted for a majority of Republicans. I know not everyone voted for Republicans, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Now they want to obstruct everything in a time of war. It is all for political gain, not for your or my well being.

I also learned that it used to be 67 votes needed to break a fillibuster. Apparently, one of our Democrat Senators was getting very frustrated because he couldn't get his bills passed, so he threatened to change the rules! He would settle for 60 votes if the Republicans agreed. Otherwise, he would change it to 50+1. Who was this, you ask? None other than Sen. Robert Byrd. This happened in the 70's.

Apparently, the rules are made up by a bunch of rich, old, white men, and don't mean anything. Not if you can change them everytime a new session opens. Ahh. How bittersweet it is.