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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Judge Orders Terri Dead, Pray

Judge Whittemore decided he was not going to reinstate the feeding tube yesterday. He waited until 7 am today to let anyone know this, of course.

Do you know that you cannot buy a lot of property (land) without a written contract? Do you know you can go to jail for starving your children or your pet? Yet, when it comes to Terri Schiavo, I guess it is okay to take the word of the man who possibly could have caused her condition. Can you say, "conflict of interest?"

I am so upset that I believe I am going to defer to Bebeaux at Double Toothpicks. He has written a splendid article with many facts and sources. Great job, Bebeaux.

Also, there is another article by Bebeaux named, Judge to Schiavo: Drop Dead. It is not as long, but it still makes the point. Pray for Terri Schiavo, and have a great day. That is what she wants you to do.