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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dear Terri, RIP Thursday, 3/31/2005

Dear Terri Schiavo,

I know you are now at peace in the Loving Arms of our Lord. This is just a letter to say good-bye...until we meet again.

I do not know what really happened. I do believe that if you wanted to die by starvation, you should have written it down. I just can't see you wanting that, though. I could be wrong. That is why it is important to write it down.

This way, whoever gets to speak for someone who cannot speak for themselves does not have to endure the cruel inhumanity of man, if indeed that was the case.

Your family loves you very much, and I know they will miss your smile. You brighten up the room whenever they are near. Thank you for that.

I never had the opportunity to meet you, but one day I'm sure I will. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to try as long as I can to stay here! :)

Well, I know you must be busy, so I will end on this note: God Loves you, and so does your family. Be happy, joyful, sing and dance with Angels. You are home. God bless you, and good bye.