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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

China Bangs on War Drums

The Australian News has a very disturbing article dated 3/7/05. China is threatening Australia to review it's ties with the USA because if a war were to happen over Taiwan, then Australia would be better off staying out of it.

This, however, is not possible due to the ANZUS alliance (I couldn't find out what the initials mean, sorry). China wants this amended to drop Taiwan from the talks because China sees this as an internal affair. Excuse me, but the ANZUS alliance does not include China, so isn't that meddling into something that is none of their business? Just thinking...hmm.

There is $20 Billion trade between China and Australia. We shall see how much life is worth to the Australians. I believe they will stand with us. I am just shocked that it was even an item of consideration for the Aussies to consider. I am also shocked at my own country. I will never understand why we are helping a communist country buy the bullets for which to shoot us.

When it comes right down to it, either you believe in human rights or you don't. You cannot stop doing what is right just because it will benefit you this time. That is immoral. I say we should care. It has been time to throw off the mask of ignorance and realize that you cannot purchase human life. Any country that falls into this trap will surely condemn itself. Please read this article. I may have taken it wrongly, but I doubt it.