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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Berger Deal Outrageous!

This is an outrage! Sandy Berger is only going to pay $10,000 and forgo his security clearence for 3 years after pleading guilty to taking National Security papers from their archive during the 9/11 Commision in a deal worked on quietly with the Justice Department.

He has admitted to removing 5 documents, destroying 3 of them, and misleading staff at the Archives. He will be charged with unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents.

The material stolen had to do with the threats of terrorism during the year 2000. The Commission determined they had all the information needed. May I ask a stupid question here? How do YOU know?

If there was a threat to NYC, Los Angeles, Kansas City, or New Orleans and you did nothing, told no one, shined it on, how do you DARE steal that information? What if it were documents about WMD? Saudi Arabia? Iran? (sigh)

I am a bit ANGRY!!! That is why my writing is eradic. Read this. I wrote it a loooong time ago. (Try July 2003!)

I can't get any justice around here. Can you imagine if that were a Republican in a Democrat Administration? What if it were you? Me? AARRRGGG!

Here is the article in the New York Times where I got the article. It is a little hidden, but at least it is on the front page. I ran across it looking for something else. I am still angry. I want my BERGER FRIED and well done! :)