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Monday, February 14, 2005

Weekly Update: Darfur, Sudan, 2/14/05

Sudanese Government Blocking Study of Death Toll in Darfur February 8, 2005
A U.N. official familiar with the discussions said Khartoum has so far refused to grant visas to the agency's specialists because Sudan is "just terrified" that a new mortality study will heighten international criticism of the government.
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Mortality Review Estimates Death Toll between 218,000 and 306,000 February 5, 2005 Read the article
Sudan Fails to Meet Two Key Demands in Darfur; Unrest Continues February 7, 2005 [read here] and [here]
Garang Calls for Large Force in Darfur February 8, 2005
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Activists Maintain Focus on Sudan Crisis February 7, 2005
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Canadian Students Try to Make a Difference for Darfur February 9, 2005
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Students Organize to Combat Genocide in Sudan
February 10, 2005
The student participants, who have formed a national steering committee, are finding creative ways of raising awareness and making their voices heard, including outreach to viewers of the film “Hotel Rwanda.” They will ask people leaving the theater to write to President Bush, and include their ticket stubs with the notation, “Not On My Watch.”
Sudan Grounds Planes Over Darfur February 6, 2005
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Opinion: Samantha Power on the International Criminal Court February 10, 2005
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