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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Serial Killer Busted, BTK

The 59 year old man, Dennis Rader, allegedly know as the BTK has been arrested and will formally be charged as being the alleged serial killer they have been trying to capture since 1974. The BTK-bind, torture, and kill-murderer is thought to have murdered 17 women. Two of these women lived close by, but they are not on the list of charges as of yet.

Dennis Rader was a census field operations supervisor for the Wichita area in the 1990 census. He also worked as a compliance officer. This is the person whom shuffles the papers on anything from animal control to city code violations. He worked in Wichita and Park City.

It has been stated by some that DNA linked Mr. Rader to these crimes. They also found souvenirs from the victims among Mr. Rader's belongings.

He attended Wichita State University in the early 1970's for law enforcement. He is married with some grown children. About a year ago, he taunted the police because they were unable to catch him. Was this due to a mental disorder or lack of exposure? Who cares? You got allegedly him. Way to go, Wichita!

For more information, please see this site. Hat tip to Ron Davis.