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Friday, February 04, 2005

Political Correctness is Censorship

As you may have noticed by the title, I am very angry. It seems that LtGen. "Mad Dog" Mattis is in hot water for SPEECH. The thought police, the University Professors, the Teachers Unions, the Communists who live among among us, want his head. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT.

I am about fed up. No longer will we be silenced by you. You think you are the only ones with free speech? You are liberal a**holes. If I were in Afghanistan after the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were bombed with airplanes, I would love to shoot as many al Qaeda as I could possibly find.

I am not an enemy of this country. BTW, Council for "American" Islamic Relations-I do not want to hear another word from you unless it is we are sorry. You do not have "special" rights here. You do have more rights than anywhere you came from. If you don't like the fact that I can say whatever I want, go home.

I need everyone to go to Rick Roberts website at Look for Rick Roberts website on the left of the page. He is the first man you will see. I need everyone to stand with me on this. These are our Generals. We don't pay and train soldiers to go half way around the world to plant freaking flowers! We train them to KILL. If people don't like that, it's time to grow up.

You are probably part of the crowd that believes in evolution. Okay. In evolution, the fittest survives. If you want to be a sissy, fine. We will protect you anyway. But you are not contributing anything to the effort, so get the hell out of the way. I have had it. You don't have to shut up, just allow us our free speech. Damn, you act like you saw a mouse.

UPDATE: Please take note, I did not mean Muslims when I referred to CAIR. They have had many arrests and convictions for belonging to terrorist organizations. I consider them to be on the fringe. Every group has their fringe people, and I am well aware of this. Please, do not misunderstand. I have them in my religion, too. The difference is I will call mine to the mat. I will expose them. I will not have my religion perverted by fringe people. Thank you.

UPDATE 2: Hat tip to American on Line for letting me know that Mad Dog is spelled in two separated words. This is one guy who may be a little center left, but he is intilectually honest and just a plain nice guy. Please chech out his site.

UPDATE: Hat tip to Blackfive for the correct spelling of Mattis.