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Friday, February 11, 2005

News from Around the World, 11/11/2004

Archbishop Was Allegedly Agent By ANDREA DUDIKOVA, Associated Press Writer, Friday, February 10, 2005
U.S. blasts China for selling missile technology Associated Press, Monday, February 7, 2005
The speech by the U.S. administration's top arms-control official appeared to mark a shift in tactics.

...Bolton spoke forcefully and publicly about meting out punishment and held the Chinese government directly accountable.

...[he] also renewed the administration's opposition to plans by European countries to resume arms sales to China by ending an embargo imposed after China's crackdown on ant-government demonstrators in 1989.

"The embargo on arms sales to China is not outmoded,'' Bolton said.

"It is just as important to champion human rights today as it was in 1989.''
This is a good read.
African states summon Togo leaders to talks over' coup' foreign staff, Saturday, February 12, 2005
Indo-Pak talks moving at ‘extraordinary’ speed, says Natwar Staff Report
VIEW: Let Iraqi communities control reconstructionJason Ben-Meir
Two fundamental elements of a pluralist democracy are the dispersion of power towards the interior (localities) and the inclusion of all social groups in decision-making. Broad participation in the reconstruction of communities is pluralist democracy in action because it strengthens the capacities of local people to manage their own development.
Experience around the world has shown that development agencies that do not listen to the concerns of local populations end up investing millions of dollars in projects that are ineffective, ignored, and even resented by target beneficiaries. When communities are engaged and projects respond to their self-described needs, important socio-economic benefits become apparent in a remarkably short time.
100 Hours - What You Can Do To Help Darfur Save