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Friday, February 04, 2005

Illegal Immigrants Not Welcome in Colorado

Colorado unplugs online guide for illegal immigrants
By Valerie Richardson

February 2, 2005

DENVER -- Colorado Gov. Bill Owens has removed an online pamphlet from the state Web site that offered advice in Spanish to illegal immigrants on living and working in Colorado.

Titled "¡Entérese!" which means "Inform Yourself," the 50-page pamphlet was posted on the Colorado Department of Education Web site until Monday, when the governor's office had it removed after criticism from advocates for tighter borders.

The 2003 guide, which included a welcome message from Mr. Owens and the Mexican consul general, was intended to offer advice to legal immigrants, said Mr. Owens' spokesman, Sean Duffy.

But the guide wound up resembling a "how-to" manual for illegal aliens, providing them with tips on how to obtain medical care, open a bank account, earn university scholarships, and deal with police and other authorities.
I don't believe any explaination is necessary. Click on the "Washington Times" to read the whole story. I will say, however, that I am pretty sure Congressman Tom Tancredo had a hand in this. THANK YOU, TOM!