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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Genocide to Coninue, Declares UN

I have excerpted this article so people can be encouraged to get involved. There is no time left to sit and do nothing. We must stand for justice. If we do not, then we deserve none for ourselves.

An op-ed in Thursday's "Scotsman" by Lord Alton...
2m dead - but still the world stans idly by

IMAGINE a military junta that has killed two million of its population of 32 million in the past two decades because of their skin colour and religion. Imagine a regime that has caused so much terror within its own borders that six million people are internally displaced.

The United Nations has released the report of a commission set up four months ago to determine whether genocide could be said to be happening in Darfur. <...> While the commission deliberated, the World Health Organisation estimates 10,000 civilians died every week. <...> So, while 14 people die every hour in Darfur, the international community is talking about what to do with the people who are murdering them - after the war criminals have gone about their business, that is.

...securing peace with the oil-rich south of Sudan is paramount. But while Tony Blair was in Khartoum in October, a German diplomat heard him assure a member of the Sudanese junta that Britain would not turn up the heat on Khartoum over Darfur because of fears of making Sudan a failed state, or provoking a coup.

...the UN report on Darfur has been published. By denying that genocide is occurring, it has, in effect, promised to continue looking the other way while the Sudanese kill their own citizens with impunity.

Lord Alton of Liverpool is an independent crossbench peer.