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Friday, February 18, 2005

Fellow bloggers: To Arms!

Radio Brain Scott has a site where we can go to keep EasonGate alive until we receive the tape, transcript, and either an apology for saying our Military targeted his journalists or they will be absolved. Either way, we must keep the heat on, now more than ever.

They believe they have escaped scrutiny. No, they have not. We cannot be bought off with a resignation. They hid the truth from us for too long. Not just about this, but other important issues. They have their credibility on the line. We are trying to make decent people out of them. Yes, it is worth helping your fellow man. Especially when they have fallen so far.

He is going to need help from expienced people who know how to gather advertisers of CNN. If you know who their advertisers are, please contact him here. Thank you for all your help. Have a great day.

UPDATE: I was just over at BlackFive's site. If the tape is not to be distrubuted, then why is it being made cartoons of in the Middle East??? Off the record my ***. You can find this disgusting thing here Also, there is a site called War, Truth, and Videotape. It is quite interesting. We must pull together in this effort.

I just heard over the radio that a CNN reporter pushed a politician while Gov. Arnold of California is trying to do something. Sorry, but I wasn't paying that much attention. CNN says they will not reveal the name of the reporter. Not only do we have to fight the terrorists and the lawyers, but now the press? What the...? Help, please. Thank you.