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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Federalist: Founders' Daily Quote(s)

Tuesday, February 1, 2005
"You give me a credit to which I have no claim in calling me 'the writer of the Constitution of the United States.' This was not, like the fabled Goddess of Wisdom, the offspring of a single brain. It ought to be regarded as the work of many heads and many hands." --James Madison

I wish that we had that type of grace in our Congress today, but alas, the Democrats are not up to the charge. It is sad. How many times does one have to reach out before they realize they do it at their own peril? Shameful.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005
"[R]eligion and virtue are the only foundations, not of republicanism and of all free government, but of social felicity under all government and in all the combinations of human society." --John Adams

Do you mean to tell me that morality and civil order WERE known as long ago as 1776? No way! Everyone knows that they are just a bunch of dead old white guys. But...Could it be possible that they knew what they were talking about? Could it be that it is universal and generational? Could it be that the hippies of the '60s have taken over? Hmm?

Thursday, February 3, 2005
"Let us, then, fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind. Let us restore to social intercourse that harmony and affection without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things. And let us reflect that, having banished from our land that religious intolerance under which mankind so long bled and suffered, we have yet gained little if we countenance a political intolerance as despotic, as wicked, and capable of as bitter and bloody persecutions." --Thomas Jefferson

If there is a lawyer reading this blog, will you please present this to the USSC (United States Supreme Court) as an amicus brief. I know they are using his letter to the Governor of MA as a tool of separation of Church and State. That in itself is even misinterpreted. That letter specifically stated that Jefferson, Governor of Virginia, would not impose his State's Church on the whole of the country if he were to become President.

That, my friends, does not tell the Courts they have the right to put their boot on our necks. Thank you for releasing quote for me.

We have come a long way, baby, but is it the right way? I do not think so. We need morality in our lives, be it religious or not.

Stop telling me what I cannot do. Stop telling me what I have to put up with. We will fight back, at the ballot box, if you keep persecuting us. We want the same as you...leave me alone, thank you very much. Thank you, and have a nice day.