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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


The Adventures of Chester has provided a link to Easongate which has a petition to be signed by all who wish to hold Eason Jordan's feet to the fire. We will either force him to release copies of the video/transcripsts or evidence to his allegations he made against our Military, or we will go after his advertisers.

If this is the first time you are reading about this, let me fill you in on what is happening. Mr. Jordan espoused that "12 of his journalists not only were killed in Iraq by the US Military, but they were targeted." He said this in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. A day or two later, we found that he also espoused a similar claim in November 2004 in Portugal. Upon his arrival back to the USA, it was requested that he provide evidence of his claims.

(He is the person that confessed to withheld information of brutal murders, rape, and torture in Iraq so he could stay in Baghdad only after we had taken "control" Iraq. Had we known, we may have gone in sooner.)

David Gergan, Sen. Barney Frank, and Sen. Chris Dodd were at the event. They have cooberated the allegation that he made these claims. They are very displeased.

My source for this information is Hugh Hewitt. He is a radio talk show host who used to work in the White House as a lawyer (or an intern lawyer? Hehehe.)

I found out about this petition from my daily reading of Blackfive's website. He is a very good source of factual data and sometimes opinion. Yes. He is Military. God bless him. Hat tip to ya, Blackfive.