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Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Weekend

Another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody. I don't even have money 'cause I didn't just get paid. LOL Just wanted to say, "Hello." I'm sitting around the house watching this movie of some sort of comedy. It's okay. I don't really watch too much tv though.

The Rams are playing the Seahawks on another channel. I hope the Seahawks crush the Rams. That's right, I said it. What are you going to do about it? Hehehe. I must be very bored.

There is very much news, but I just need a break every once in a while. The Sudan government is trying to pull a fast one on the "world community" by agreeing to sign a peace deal at a later date. This will put the onis on the "rebels" (innocent citizens of Darfur fighting for their lives.) I could write about the Indo-Pak peace process that the USA government helped to encourage, but that would be giving President Bush credit for something good. We can't have that, right?!

I could talk about my kitties, but who really cares except me. Sometimes I feel very much alone. I am disabled and never leave my house (except to vote and see the doctor.) I hate it. I contribute money, I contribute time writing on this blog, yet I feel as if I am not doing enough for the good of God's children.

I want people to know about the love of Jesus Christ. The forgiveness of sin and His mercy. It is not, however, a free ride. He also judges our hearts and deeds. In order to be forgiven, we must admit our sin. In order to be sanctified, we must turn from our sin and not look back. This is a process with more than that included. I need to read my Bible more. When I am in the Lord and He is in me, that is when I am at peace with everything, even the roughest times in my life.

He has never let me down. Oh sure, there were times when I thought He did, but as time passed by and I was no longer in the middle of the situation, I could see objectively that He was right. Of course He was. But why is it I am the one who always has to be wrong? Aha, because maybe He knows more than I. Yes. He does. And I am grateful for that.

I pray for our Military, their families, our Coalition of the willing and their families, the Afghanis, the Iraqis, the people of Darfur, Sudan, and all the victims of the tsunami: God, please protect them, comfort them, love them, shower them with your mercy, and meet each where their needs are. In Jesus Precious name I pray. Amen. Have a great day.