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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The UN v. Reality

John O'Sullivan of National Review Online has written an excellent report on the tsunami aftermath. Here are a few excerpts:
"The United Nations...they exist for the very purpose of dealing with crises such as the tsunami and its dreadful aftermath. ...U.N. has delivered very little so far...It is the U.S. (and in particular the U.S. military) that has done most practical work of sending in food, water, medicine and shelter to the survivors — with assistance from the Australians, the Dutch and the Indians among others."

"There is no great disgrace in that — the U.S. has greater capability than other countries and agencies even in combination — and we should not scorn U.N. relief efforts because others can do more sooner."

"What is disgraceful is that there has been a concerted effort by the U.N. and its ideological allies — against the evidence and all commonsense — to insist that the U.N. must take the lead in organizing the relief effort, to allege that any independent U.S. help is "undermining" the U.N., and to claim credit for aid that the U.S. and Australia had actually delivered."

"...Most recently (as reported by the blogger Diplomad) a local U.N. representative in Aceh asked that U.S. and Aussie military flying in aid and introducing clean water to the area should wear blue U.N. helmets in order to "soothe local cultural anxieties." "

"...They have to obscure the realities revealed by the tsunami crisis. Otherwise, American generosity will re-fashion the global image of the U.S. as a callous superpower and American efficiency will shame a U.N. still struggling to catch up with American aid efforts."

"...And if the U.N. cannot perform its basic task of disaster relief ...then its claim to be the center of a future system of "global governance" will wither and die."

— John O'Sullivan is the editor of The National Interest and editor at large of National Review. He can be contacted through Benador Associates at

There is much more that I did not include for editor's courtesy. Please, visit John's site. It is a very good article.

I find it facinating that the UN would even want the USA to wear a UN helmet! Imagine, you cut someone off at the knees at every turn while fighting a war against IslamoFascists, you interfere in the USA's election, you tell them they are no good, hey wait! I get it now. They want us to be like them. They are no good ergo we are no good! Sorry. I am not buying your piece of junk excuses for an organization that needs to be dissolved. ASAP. Hat tip to Dan Foty.