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Friday, January 14, 2005

Terrorists in Indonesia

JAKARTA: The British and Thai embassies in Indonesia were closed on Friday following an anonymous bomb threat that police suspected was linked to two Malaysian militants wanted in a string of deadly bombings.

Police have offered a 1 billion rupiah (US$107,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of Azahari and Noordin, alleged leaders in the al-Qaida-linked regional terror group Jemaah Islamiyah.

Travel to tsunami-hit areas: The United States advised citizens on Thursday to avoid travel to tsunami-damaged areas of Indonesia and warned them of the continued potential for terrorist attacks in the archipelago.

...State Department...warned that terrorists were planning attacks against a wide variety of targets in Indonesia.[read more]

There you have it, folks. Either they want us to help or they don't. If you are going to say they hate us because of our policies, what do you say now? We are trying to help, yet they do not want it. It is as I said prior. They are animals. Let me be clear: the terrorists, no matter which group, are animals. They need to be cut off at the knees and hung high from the trees.