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Sunday, January 23, 2005


September 11, 2001

Does this day mean anything to you? It should. It does to me. It seems as though people have forgotten why we are at war, and want to nit-pick every decision made. It is they who declared war against us. We are responding. This did not start when George W. Bush came into office, nor did it start when Bill Clinton was in office. Let us remember our Iranian Embassy and the hostages. It did not even start there. It started somewhere in the 1950's. We are just now responding to a 50 year old infection. It has infected a large piece of land that knows no borders. We finally found our backbone to say, "No more." We need to stand together, or we shall certainly die.

War is ugly. War is hell. War must be won for there to be peace for all sides. That is the way of the world.

Thank God you (protesters) weren't here for the Civil War or we'd still have slavery. Did you not realize that it was the Christians that ran the underground railroads? Yes, it was. Wrong has always been wrong, and war is most definitely sometimes the answer.

If you do not agree with this war, you do not understand the consequenses. There is an old saying, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." What this means is simply this: We are there. We are not coming home with a war unwon. I am not asking you to like it, just understand it. The more you dissent, the stronger YOU make the enemy, and make no mistake-they are your enemy, too.

Can you disagree with me on policy? Yes. Definitely. What I do not understand is why you must hate me? It is time to stand up for America, freedom, and justice. Something these people deserve, and we need to maintain a safe America.

I have been patient in the name of tolerance. Now I am standing up for my country. Your (protesters) behaviour was deplorable on Inauguration Day. President Bush is all of our Presidnt, whether we like it or not. Can we please just be Americans again? Look at it. LOOK AT IT. That day, we were.
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