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Friday, January 14, 2005

NATO mulls smaller Iraq mission

MONS: NATO is considering cutting the full size of its training mission in Iraq, the alliance’s top military commander said Friday, while reiterating criticism of some allies refusing to send troops there. But US General James Jones said the possible scaling back of plans for the force, pledged last year to help train the Iraqi army, was being mulled because the Iraq military’s own training ability is bigger than expected. Asked about the target of 300, he conceded: “The required number of trainers could be less,” adding: “We have to be flexible, and as we learn more about the true requirements we react to what the experts are saying on the ground.” But he said the task has not been helped by the fact that eight or nine countries, including key states which opposed the 2003 Iraq war like France and Germany, have refused to send troops to the violence-scarred country. afp Here is the story.
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