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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


That is correct. President George W. Bush is my hero. Why, you may ask? Read this and weep all you who don't give a hoot about women.
Despite pressure, Bush vows No women in combat
by Rowan Scarborough and Joseph Curl

..."Asked about reports of putting women closer to land combat, the president said: "There's no change of policy as far as I'm concerned. No women in combat. Having said that, let me explain, we've got to make sure we define combat properly: We've got women flying choppers and women flying fighters, which I'm perfectly content with."

...Pentagon policy not only bans women from direct combat brigades, such as infantry or armor, it also says they cannot join support units that collocate with those units.

...But The Washington Times has reported on internal Army memos that show some officials are pushing the Pentagon to lift the ban so that mixed-sex forward support companies (FSC) can collocate with armor and infantry battalions within a "unit of action."
This is a hot topic, seeing as some of the people in the Army are pushing for women in combat. They should be dismissed, if you ask my opinion. You are, you know, by reading this. Hehehe. I am just so relieved that our beautiful women will not be forced or accepted into harms way. Is that prejudicial? Yes, you bet it is. I want the men to care of us, the way they used to. Is that too much to ask?