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Sunday, January 09, 2005

More on the UN's "Moral Authority"

Once again we find articles around the world second guessing, or at least questioning, the role of the UN. Here is an article that Dan found in the Telegraph.
This disaster exposes the myth of the UN's moral authority
By David Frum (Filed: 09/01/2005) (dd/mm/yy is done in England)

"The helicopters are taking off and landing now in the tsunami-shattered villages and towns. The sick are being taken for treatment. Clean water is being delivered. Food is arriving. Soon the work of reconstruction will begin.

The countries doing this good work have politely agreed to acknowledge the "coordinating" role of the United Nations. But it is hard to see how precisely the rescue work would be affected if the UN's officials all stayed in New York - or indeed if the UN did not exist at all." [more]
It is good to see many countries are finally beginning to see what we have know: The UN is a corrupt, mafia style, worthless organization that needs to leave the United States. Maybe they could move to Chad, Kofi's old neighborhood? Hehehe. Have a great day.